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Hey! So Glad You're Here.


Welcome to my website. My name is Cindy Belliot and I would like to thank you for being here. 


About me

Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I started my career as an international performer in 2001. Performing was and is my passion. Along the way I collected a few more passions, like writing and coaching. The latter really took form when I came out of an abusive relationship. Surviver✊🏾. I came out of it a bit broken but determent to not stay broken.


I started seeking out coaches that would support me in finding my self-love and inner power back. Athletes and business owners often become the best and successful by working with mentors and coaches. Why not get a coach to help you manifest your goals and become the best version of yourself? This analogy and working with mentors and coaches myself, really sparked my self-love advocacy. I discovered the benefits of working with a coach and that I didn't have to struggle to become who I wanted to be all by myself. 


My goal is therefore, to encourage others to become the best version of themselves and to let you know that you are not alone.


Life Coach

My journey as a 30+ single woman was rough and I am therefore dedicated to support other millennial women that are going through that rough time. The frustration of still finding love, building your career and just plain concrete jungle survival can be a lot sometimes and you don't have to go through it alone. 

In my career as a professional performer I was challenged with being financially unstable, rejections, competitiveness and all other challenges that come with the world of showbiz. This really encouraged me to find ways and tools to stay resilient and inspired and to not give up. It really trained my go-getter mindset and it sparked me to start my Life coaching certification programs to help other people do the same.

PS. Also check out my books and merch here.








What is a Life Coaching session?

A Life Coaching session is a session between the Life Coach and Client. In these sessions the Life coach will empower and support the client to help and encourage the client to meet their goals and overcome personal challenges. 

This will be done through informal conversation and exercises.  

Who is Life Coaching for?

I specialise in coaching millennial women, that are looking for support in their dating life & relationships and support in their journey of self-love and personal growth.


More concrete

I will help you:

  • Clarify your goals and working on a plan to manifest your goals

  • Thrive and communicate better in your dating life or relationships

  • Adapt a go-getter & growth mindset and become more resilient in regards to manifesting your dreams and goals

  • Live a life more consciously

  • Become aware that you have more power and control over your life than you might think


How does a Life Coaching session work?

You can book a FREE intake Life Coaching session here.

In a Life Coaching session you can discuss anything that you want support with. Through informal conversations and goal oriented exercises, we will work towards your desired goals. 

Sessions are confidential and only between Life Coach and Client unless discussed otherwise.


The FREE intake session will take place on a video call platform and will take 30 minutes. You will be sent a link to the online video call platform 24 hours before the session. You will also be asked to write down before hand, what you would like to discuss in the session.

You can then choose one of the two 6 weeks Life Coaching programs:

Another option to start Life Coaching is to subscribe to 'What's on your mind sis" chat sessions.

When you subscribe to the chat sessions you will have chat access from 10am - 8pm on WhatsApp or Telegram. When you need some immediate support you can simply send a chat message, and I will respond within 2 hours. These chat sessions are great because it is easy accessible, in this fast pace climate, for a price similar to a gym membership.

Included in these chat sessions is a monthly Quick face to face session (30 minutes), that you can book in, when convenient for you but this is totally optional.


You can also choose to do single Life Coaching sessions.

These single Life Coaching sessions are also one - on -one sessions which you can book in whenever you need some support and whenever convenient for you. These session are 45 minutes in duration and will take place on a online video call platform.





For millennial women who:


  • Feel stuck

  • Feel like they don’t really have a big issue but yet feel unfulfilled

  • Feel discouraged because of the uncertainties the pandemic creates

  • Looking to take radical action in regards to manifesting goals

  • Want support to get motivated

  • Want to work on their self-love and go-getter mindset


Weekly program:

Week 1: Creating clarity around primary issue

Week 2: Goal setting

Week 3: What is needed to manifest goal

Week 4: Implement mindset & self-love tools

Week 5: Create Action List

Week 6: Follow-up




For 30+ women who:


  • Feel the pressure of the unwritten rules of society

  • Feel the pressure of their biological clock

  • Want to make some serious life changing moves

  • Want to date successfully

  • Want to work on their self-love and go-getter mindset


Weekly program:

Week 1: Clarity around general goals

Week 2: Clarity on your ‘why’s”

Week 3: Setting dating/ relationship goals

Week 4: Implement go-getter mindset and self-love tools

Week 5: Create action list

Week 6: Follow up




Intake session                                                           FREE

        - First session only

        - One - on - One Session

        - 30 minutes

        - Online video call platform

Get Un-stuck                                                            £395

        - 6 weeks Life Coaching Sessions

        - 6 consecutive weekly sessions 

        - One - on - One Sessions

        - 60 minutes

        - Online video call platform

        - FREE Gratitude Journal

        - More info here

30+ and Fabulous                                                    £395 

        - 6 weeks Life Coaching Sessions

        - 6 consecutive weekly sessions 

        - One - on - One Sessions

        - 60 minutes

        - Online video call platform

        - FREE Gratitude Journal

        - More info here


"What's on your mind sis" chat sessions         £24.99 monthly              

        - Recommended

        - Chat access only

        - Access between 10am - 8pm

      - Monthly subscription

             (3 Month minimum)

        - FREE Gratitude Journal   


Single session                                                              £70 

         - 45 minutes

         - One - on - One Session

         - Online video call platform 

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